Customs Forms

Below are some common declaration forms required from Customs Clearance into some destinations. Please download the relevant forms to be attached to your shipment to avoid Customs Clearance at the destination:-

Performa / Invoice Declaration All parcel / non-document shipment requires an invoice declaration.

For shipment weight above 5kg, whether Document or Parcel, it is also advised to include an invoice declaration.

To ensure fast and proper custom clearance, all information in the invoice has to be accurate with full detail of the goods / cargo that you are sending.

(1) Full description of merchandise,generic description such as TOYS, CLOTHES are not acceptable.
If sending a dress, include the material.

If sending a watch, include the movement, material of bracelet, whether digital or analog e.t.c

(2) If sending more than one item, include the unit value of each item

(3) Include aCOUNTRY OF ORIGIN for your commodity

4) State of the reason for exporting. Gift Shipments, Online Merchandise Purchase, Return for Repair e.t.c
Blank Invoice form download.
Watch Declaration Form
(watch detail declaration for Express Shipment to USA)   
PDF Version


Attached 1 copy with shipment
FCC Form
(Electronic devise transmitting radio frequency into USA)
PDF Version | DOC Version

Attached 1 copy with shipment
Food Shipment to USA
(Application of PN Permit) 
Sender need to register with the Food Drug Authority (FDA) in USA and complete an online form to request for a PN Permit

USA FDA Website: PN Account Registeration Page:
Documentation Guide to Register on FDA Website: PDF
Documentation Guide to Apply for PN Number: PDF
Sample PN Permit: PDF

Attached 1 copy with shipment