Pack Your Shipment Right for Shipment Transit

Depending on your choice shipping mode, parcel transit can be rough. For postal delivery, Registered Packages, EPACKET etc, millions of parcels are transitting throught the postal network daily. To ensure that your package is well received by your customers, it is vital to pack your shipment right for postal transit.

Package Preparation & Basic Principle

Use good quality packaging with cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, foam peanuts or waterproof paper to protect the contents.

Pack the items tightly to prevent shifting of your content. It is important not leave empty space within the box. Use void filler to ensure there are no gaps to prevent movement of your content within the packaging.

Always use tape designed for shipping. Use clear tape to secure catron boxes of all sizes. Seal your box with H-shape taping for maximum strength.

What to consider?

  • Weight:
    For your heavier content, it is always good to pack it in a good quality box that is able to securely hold the weight of the content.

  • Size and Shape:
    Ideally, the content should not touch the wall of the box directly. Actual content should be placed in the center of the box with about 4 to 6 cm separation from the external walls or corners.

  • Fragility & Value of Contents:
    Extra cushioning and protection are required for high value content. Use double wall box if content is fragile. Apply Special handling tape if required. For multiple item shipment, it is recommended that each item to be individually protected.

Where to get good quality packaging material for Ecommerce in Singapore?

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