Why do most Ecommerce Merchant send by Post Internationally?

Being the oldest way of passing messages for one person located from one place to another, the Postal System was started as early as 2000 B.C. Over the centuries, the Postal network has developed into one of the most established network worldwide. Each country arbitrages their postal resources with one another. In many countries, they are still under the regulatory of the local government.

Now with the booming of eCommerce, postal mode of logistics is an essential delivery option offered by sellers to their buyers.

In Singapore, small packets, account for more than 70% of the packages posted by eCommerce Merchants. By definition, small packets are shipments that are light weight below 2kg, with a dimension of length + width + height not exceeding 90 cm, and longest length shorter than 60 cm.

Small packets options available in Singapore through the postal service are:-

  • Ordinary Airmail
  • Registered Airmail
  • ePacket

Here are some Advantages of Sending BY POSTAL SERVICE

  • Economical: Relative to private express option via DHL, FedEx, and UPS etc, the rates for small packet for most weight range are economical.

  • Everywhere, Anywhere: With a strong network of postmen developed over the centuries, there is no place that the postal service does not deliver. Postal service, is a public good, in many countries. Delivery to PO BOXES, and APO and FPO addresses are only possible through postal services.

  • Simple Shipment Declaration: Unlike commercial parcel shipment, shipment declaration for postal small packets only require a simple CN22 (Customs) Declaration

  • Free Undelivered Package There are many reasons why parcels do not get delivered - Buyers not at home, forgetting to collect package from the post office, unpaid duties and taxes, recipient moving to another address, incorrect address etc. For postal mode via Ordinary Airmail, Registered Airmail and ePackets, such return will be returned to origin without additional postage fees.

For further questions on postal delivery, feel free to contact us to discuss more!