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CN22 Declaration
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All packages that enter any foreign country may be examined by the destination's Customs Authority.

For express packages, a Commercial / Performa invoices must accompany the shipment to provide information on the content of the package. Similarly, packages sent via postal mode will also require sender's declaration to provide details of the content.

Postal Mode Packages > 2.0 kg : can only be transmitted either via SpeedPost Air Parcel or World Wide Courier (EMS) option. Both options require 2 copies of invoices offering details of the content of the packages to be declared.

Postal Mode Packages <= 2.0 kg : may be transmitted as small packages using regular Airmail or Registered Airmail modes. Sender is to provide details of the contents on a CN22 : Customs Declaration Form.

A proper CN22 declaration serves to inform the destination Customs the content of the package. However, it has been worldwide problem that most small packages transit via postal mode lack proper declaration. Hence, certain countries, especially in the European Union (Germany, Italy, France .e.t.c) are stepping up measures against improper declaration of small packages into their country. The destination Customs Authority has the legal jurisdiction to open and inspect any suspicious packages due to improper declaration. Packages may be rejected and subsequently return to shipper without any attempt of delivery. In the worse situation, the packages may be sized by the Customs authority.

Hence, it is important to ensure proper and legible declaration on the CN22 to avoid any destination custom issues and disputes.

1.     Important! Do NOT use general description like clothing, toy, CD e.t.c. Please use detailed description with quantity e.g. 1 pair of shoes;  1 cotton T-Shirt; 2 Music CD; 1 Transformer Toy Figure e.t.c.

2.      If known, Weight per item 

3.     Important! Value per item

4.     If known, Customs tariff number 

5.     Important! Country of origin. Where were the goods produced? If unknown, where did you buy the goods?  

6.     If known, Total Weight 

7.     Important! Total Value, in case of multiple items  

8.     Important! Date and Sender's Signature

All small packages entering another country may be subjected to the destination custom taxes and duties assessment. Marking the package as a gift shipment does not necessary meant that the package will be tax exempted. Such regulation is beyond third party country influence or control.

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