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TPC Online

The Postal Connect (TPC) is the first and only independent mailing solution provider in Singapore offering an integrated online mail management tool, known as TPC Online.

Instead of keeping paper records of all mailing information, which can be a real mess at time, customer using our solution will enjoy the convenience of retrieving valuable mailing information with a click of a button on their computer. Valuable information such as tracking number, registered reference number, weight of each mails, cost of each mail et.c. are recorded online for easy referencing after each mail lodgment.

Also importantly, all mails that can be track and trace, can also be monitored directly from the same platform regardless of the method of connection or carrier choice.

Your customer can also track all packages connected with TPC on an independent Track N Trace portal.

Selected Screen Shots of TPC Online
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Mail management: customer login
Customer Login
Mail management - Postal Services - Online mail records, SingPost Registered Airmail, Speedpost (EMS & Air Parcel), Regular Airmail
Online Records All Mails / Packages via Postal Services (Airmail, Registered Airmail, SpeedPost EMS, Air Parcel Packages)
Mail Managemen - Express Shipment - DHL, FedEx, UPS Packages
Online Records All Mails / Packages via Express Services


Integrated Tracking. SpeedPost, DHL, FedEx, UPS, SingPost
Integrated Tracking. Obtaining track and trace information of packages with tracking information.
Address Label Module
Generating Address Label in pdf format to be printed on your printer. PDF Label Screen Shot.
Email Notfication Module
Email Tracking Information to your customer from TPC Online directly.

TPC Online add value and convenience to anyone selling online. Contact us now for further information!

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